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Appreciation of landscape lighting design of Central Park (two)

Because the project was to be seen in the north at the Los Angeles International Airport, the same intent was ported to the powerful lighting scene in the evening. In order to create a dramatic effect and distinguish the different space within the park, each space lighting has its unique properties, the east to the West path using the uniform LED linear model with rhythm to connect everywhere, LED flashes throughout the line. North to south of the landscape pattern according to different area and vegetation to design, reflect their own unique changes in lighting solutions.

3 feet high vertical LED "firefly" lighting and geometric shape of the landscape together, for one of the landscape "house" to create a natural outdoor features. Uplights strict positioning to provide lighting for the sports field around the bright orange fence, to divide the space, and provides the ambient light for the movement inside and outside the city. Water plays an important role in the interaction between the surrounding fence and the reflection of trees.

A shell shaped stage consisting of a fibrous structure that symbolizes the nucleus and the "connection" of the gem". The materials used in the building are made of fiberglass /PTFE film, which is solid in the daytime, and will be converted into luminous lanterns at night. The designer has done a lot of software modeling and material testing in the room to ensure that the external light source is uniform, and the length of the cable conduit line is limited, so that the lighting can be combined with the steel ring in the structure. Metal halide lamp with a variety of outdoor stage grade lens and diffuser, emphasizes the fiber structure of the thick, and a small dimmable lighting to create different illumination levels, various scenes, landscape atmosphere provides flexibility. The lower edge of the shell shaped table is provided with a linear cold cathode light source, which provides a dual purpose for the lighting of the lower half of the shell type fiber structure and provides a safe lighting for the lower layer. Good lighting creates a unique landscape for people's sports, entertainment and outdoor appreciation.


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