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2008 Olympic related projects: New China International Exhibition Center (two)

For as the new state fair with the large area of glass building, we are the first, lit indoor space, in the light of the glass with a soft light, and the outline of the outline of the facade. Secondly, if necessary, the outer side of the facade with a soft light to balance and highlight the dark areas of the facade of the opaque part. "A Jay Thompson, tvsdesign

New China International Exhibition Center (two)

The new China International Exhibition Center, the night light is the second only to the bird's nest and the water cube of the Olympic key lighting engineering, architectural design from the United States to complete the tvsdesign. National first-class lighting companies are involved in the competition of the project. The exhibition of the new project is a landmark event in the new time, it is proved that, after a rapid development has been among the top ranks of lighting companies.

The smooth implementation of the project also shows that the overall strength of the new space-time has been greatly improved, the ability to complete large-scale, high standard requirements, duration of key lighting projects.


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