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Huishan Wuxi Guzhen lighting design appreciation (two)

The first category for the cultural relics, covering the various temples in the region. On the architectural design of the lighting of the combination of the ancient Chinese Confucian spirit, harmony, humility, in the "golden mean" to face. The second category is the history of the building, including Liugeng cottage, Ziyang academy, Huishan Park, the ancestral hall of the museum to protect the building. The light of this kind of building is intended to create a sense of history. Shachihoko focus lighting on the top of the small LED lamp, bright and dark contrast. The third category is the general construction, referring to ordinary houses and shops. The light of the general building is handled in a simple and natural way. The fourth category is the new building, including the first floor of the hill, the entrance to the side of the street, stage, etc.. Such buildings should be the highest brightness. LED lamp for lighting by tile roof lines of brackets were depicted using warm yellow light, the building presents a state in fine Fig.

Huishan ancient town of Wuxi

Too high brightness is only a pale and monotonous expression of space and a huge waste of energy. Wuxi Huishan streets in the lighting design, we try to make the dark and quiet......


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