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Lighting design of Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center (three)

All the lamps light adjustable linear fluorescent lamp and halogen PAR lamp to make the illumination range controllable low to close to 0lx, thus providing flexibility, can be satisfied from the industrial exhibition to show to the candlelight dinner many functional requirements. A transparent "warm welcome" and indoor / outdoor connectivity is a clue throughout the project. Indoor warm wood material as the background for the construction of a sense of presence in the night scene. Whether in the past or present, the timber industry is a major component of Vancouver's economy, and wood is a very expressive part of the building's DNA. In order to praise and display the rich material, the high - color light source is used to represent the natural beauty, and the sunlight sensor controls the lamp according to the available natural light to provide the right amount of light. During the transition, circulation space, double 3000K wash wall lamp is carefully arranged in a wooden grid ceiling to avoid disrupting the visual Scallop in Shell spot, they can flexibly adjust the light level, and focus on the Polish art and Exhibition for the rotation. In addition, installed on the curtain wall frame and cornice 3000K ceramic metal halide uplights Polish wooden slats ceiling, wooden wall adjacent to the performance of light. The colorful light in the hall also provides flexibility to allow specific topics to be linked to the main entrance.

Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre

In order to succeed in the face of this challenge, the designers completed an in-depth and thorough illumination calculation, to determine the produce custom lamps and light fixtures on the roof to wash the overflow effect and the cornice on the dark sky. This is the world's first LEED platinum certified exhibition center.


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