The H803TC can be used online or offline and switches automatically. Offline read data from SD card to control the sub-control. When online, use network port 1 to connect to the sub-control, and network port 2 to connect to the computer's network port, when the online software "LEDStudio" sends data, network port 1 forwards the data received by network port 2; when the online software stops sending for 1.5 seconds, the controller will immediately read data from the SD card and send it.
The supporting slave controller are H801RA, H802RA and H801RC, and the supporting online software is as "LEDStudio" and offline software as "LedBuild" software.

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Performance and Features

- It can be used on-line or off-line and switched automatically.

- Each control 170,000 points, up to 255 connected sub-control. H801RA maximum control 3412 points, up to four output ports; H802RA maximum control 4096 points, up to four output ports; H801RC maximum control 8192 points, up to eight output ports.

- SD card support FAT32, FAT16 format, the maximum capacity of 64G bytes and above, allowing up to 64 DAT files.

- Chinese and English LCD display, long press MODE key to switch.

- Support power-on times encryption.

- Can be connected to the DMX console, but also through the H802RA to DMX driver chip address.

- Support single file playback and all files loop playback, playback speed adjustable range is 1-100 frames per second, brightness adjustable range is 0-16.

- Transmission signal adopts standard Ethernet protocol, the nominal distance is 100 metres. Through the photoelectric converter, the transmission distance can reach more than 25 kilometres.

- Electrical isolation anti-interference ability, the main control and sub-control, sub-control and sub-control isolation, anti-static and lightning.

- Engineering configuration flexibility, each sub-control can control different lamps and lanterns.


Connection Diagram

1. Completely offline use as shown below, the network port two start sub-control can be set, you can also use only one network port. (The blue line indicates the network cable)


2. H803TC can be connected or disconnected, H803TC forwards the data from the computer to the sub-control, if the computer has no data to send out, it automatically reads the data in the SD card and sends it to the sub-control.


3. Using the switch output multi-channel network port, the following figure is the computer wireless network card to send data to the wireless switch, and then transmitted to the H803TC, you can also use the wired network card to send data, but also can be used to send a H803TC, more than one H803TC to receive, the following figure is only three H803TC to receive, according to the actual needs of the number of can be used for a greater number. Each H803TC should set a unique IP address.


4. The use of optical fibre makes the transmission distance longer. Fibre optics can be used from PC to switch, PC to H803TC, switch to H803TC and H803TC to subcontrol.


5. Connect the DMX512 console.



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