H801RC is a slave controller that transmits data based on Ethernet Protocol, data is input from mater controller or computer to NET1 and output from NET2. H801RC has eight output ports and drives maximum 8192 pixels, and can be connected to computer or master controller.
Supporting online software is as "LEDStudio" and offline software as "LedBuild" software.

Email: info@archled.net

Supported Chips

lpd6803, lpd8806, lpd6812, lpd6813, lpd1882, lpd1889, lpd1883, lpd1886, dmx512, hdmx, apa102, my9221, p9813, ld1510, ld1512, ld1530, ld1532, ucs6909, ucs6912, ucs1903, ucs1909, ucs1912, ws2801, ws2803, ws2811, ws2812, dz2809, sm16716, tls3001, tls3002, tm1812, tm1809, tm1804, tm1803, tm1914, tm1926, tm1829, tm1906, INK1003, bs0825, bs0815, bs0901, ly6620, dm412, dm413, dm114, dm115, dm13c, dm134, dm135, dm136, 74hc595, 6b595, MBI6023, MBI6024, MBI5001, MBI5168, MBI5016, MBI5026, MBI5027, TB62726, TB62706, ST2221A, ST2221C, XLT5026, ZQL9712, ZQL9712HV and so on.

Performance and Features

- Eight output ports to control up to 8192 pixel points. The maximum number of control points per port is 8192 divided by the actual number of ports used. The number of ports can be set to one, two, four or eight.

- Can be connected and disconnected, can be directly connected to the computer network card, can also be connected to the offline and on-line master control (H802TB, H80xTC, H803TV), but also can be directly connected to the switch and photoelectric converter.

- High synchronisation performance, the transmission delay of adjacent sub-controls is within 400 nanoseconds, that is to say, cascade 100 sub-controls, the delay is within 40 microseconds. No tearing of the image, no mosaic phenomenon.

- Good control effect, accurate grey scale control, 256 levels of grey scale has been made hard Gamma processing.

- The transmission distance is far, the transmission signal adopts the standard Ethernet protocol, the nominal distance is 100 metres. Available sub-control, network repeaters, photoelectric conversion as a relay.

- Scanning clock speed adjustable 100K-50M Hz.

- Adopting grey scale technology and anti-gamma correction technology, so that the actual display is more in line with the human eye's physiological sensations.


Connection Diagram

Connection to the Master controller: supporting software is  "LedBuild" software

Connection to computer: supporting software is "LEDStudio" software

Note: Blue is the crossover cable


Use optical fiber to prolong transmit distance


Ports Definition



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