H801TC reads data from SD card to control multiple sub-controllers. And multiple master controls are synchronised with each other through AC power supply and two network port outputs. Up to 255 sub-controls can be connected, and the maximum control is 150,000 points.
The supporting slave controller are H801RA, H802RA and H801RC, and the supporting software is "LedBuild" software.

Email: info@archled.net

Performance and Features

- Each control 150,000 points, multiple master control can be synchronised by AC power supply to achieve synchronous control of hundreds of thousands of points to millions of points.

- Two output network port, connect up to 255 sub-control. H801RA maximum control 3412 points, maximum output four ports; H802RA maximum control 4096 points, maximum output four ports; H801RC maximum control 8192 points, maximum output eight ports.

- SD card support FAT32, FAT16 format, the maximum capacity of 64G bytes and above, allowing up to 64 DAT files.

- Chinese and English LCD display, long press MODE key to switch.

- Encryption function by limiting the number of power-ups, encryption and decryption is set in the DAT file.

- Can be connected to the DMX console, but also through the H802RA to DMX driver chip address.

- Support single file playback and all files loop playback, playback speed adjustable range is 1-100 frames per second, brightness adjustable range is 0-16.

- Transmission signal adopts standard Ethernet protocol, the nominal distance is 100 metres. Through the photoelectric converter, the transmission distance can reach more than 25 kilometres.

- Support router star structure control.

- Electrical isolation anti-interference ability, the main control and sub-control, sub-control and sub-control isolation, anti-static and lightning.

- Flexible engineering configuration, each sub-control can control different lamps and lanterns.


Connection Diagram

1. Commonly used method is shown below, the network port two start sub-control can be set, you can also use only one network port. (The blue line indicates the network cable)


2. The use of optical fibres makes it possible to transmit over longer distances. (Orange lines indicate optical fibres)


3. Connect the DMX512 console.



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