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In lumine tuo 'In lumine tuo, uses light as a narrative tool to unite the Dom Tower with the Dom Church and Dom Square in a unique and entrancing tableau. The title is an allusion to the Latin saying "In lumine tuo videbimus lumen" "In your light we shall see the light" And, indeed, this work literally lights up the ecclesiastical history of the centre of Utrecht. After dark, every fifteen minutes, the installation begins with the three elements beginning to 'breathe as a lighting sequence connects and unifies them. Light glows through the stained glass windows and illuminates the internal faces of the buttresses of the Dom Church, depicting 'the light from within. In the Dom Square the memories of the past are recalled, the light highlighting the space where the west end of the Dom Church once stood, and marking out the Liberty Statue, a symbol of the Resistance in World War II. The play of light accelerates, and the memories appear to ascend the Dom Tower culminating in a dramatic finale in the lantern, where a burst of energy is unleashed.Created with many tiny individually controlled LED modules, the work is linked to the seventeenth century carillon which plays the melodies on the church bells. Thanks to the LEDs, energy use is low and the running costs are kept to a minimum.To complement the work, Utrechts carillonist Malgosia Fiebig composed a special piece entitled '...Videmibus lumen which was played for the first time in a special concert for the royal family. In lumine tuo In lumine tuo lumine tuoDOMDOMDOM"""" DOM'DOMDOMDOMLEDcarillonist Malgosia" In lumine tuo In lumine tuo In lumine tuo

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