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Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport Beijings new international terminal is the worlds largest and most advanced airport, its dragon-like form crowned by a soaring roof. The lighting concept had to be developed within three months and converted into sufficient detail to brief local engineers. The practices previous experience of handling large airport projects (Terminal 5, Heathrow and Barajas Airport, Madrid) paid dividends: the brief was quickly disseminated, the right questions were asked and an approach was agreed in record time.The design consists of three lighting components: a general lighting system, which provides functional lighting, common circulation lighting, which helps route passengers, and fit-out lighting which brings accent and drama. The general lighting comes from a high-level system integrated above the slatted roof (mounted on gantries providing easy access for maintenance). This illuminates the principle volumes and provides feature lighting to the roof and structure.One of the most striking elements is the glowing roof, the colour changing from red to yellow along the length of the building. By day this is delivered by natural light. After dark, artificial lighting takes over to create a dramatically lit roofscape, using metal halide floodlights which uplight the internal roof structure. The view through the slats gives the appearance of a glowing roof. The concern was to deliver the most energy-efficient solution without compromising the design.The external lighting covers the image of the building, roads and landscaping. The aim was to minimise environmental impact while creating an iconic image for the scheme, particularly when seen from approach roads and the air. Beijing Capital International Airport Beijing Capital International Airport Beijing Capital International Airport 5

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