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Why don't you throw away the fluorescent tubes?

Fluorescent lamp is a low pressure mercury discharge lamp, glass tube filled with argon or other inert gas and a small amount of mercury. Mercury is a white liquid metal at room temperature, the specific gravity of 13.5, the freezing point of -38.89 degrees Celsius, boiling point of 357.25 degrees celsius. Of all metals, the lowest melting point and boiling point. Mercury can evaporate at room temperature to produce mercury vapor. The amount of evaporation of mercury depends on the size and temperature of the evaporation surface area. The larger the surface area, the higher the temperature, the greater the evaporation. Mercury is often present in the air in the form of vapor. It can enter the body through the respiratory tract, skin and digestive tract. Accumulation of mercury toxicity. In general, for chronic poisoning, it affects the central nervous system, but also cause gingivitis, diarrhea and other symptoms, anxious and preoccupied trembling.

If the abandoned tube once broken, the mercury in the tube will be fully dispersed, become a long-term source of mercury vapor, will cause serious pollution. So we can't throw away the fluorescent tubes.

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