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Artificial lighting will destroy the ancient buildings do?

The craftsmen of ancient buildings in China after thousands of years of practice experience, invented the statuesque brackets, as a load-bearing structure supports large overhangs the eaves. In order to protect and beautify the wooden brackets and building, decorated with paint painting. Most of these paintings are hidden under the roof of the building, not easy to direct sunlight. The painting material light tolerance ability is limited, some of the traditional organic materials, no direct sunlight to keep a few years, if the lighting on the ancient buildings, showing the structure and color night brackets rich color in the light irradiation, but with high temperature and strong light and direct sunlight, will shorten the life of color, color will fade away color. It has been proved by the experiment that the influence of the light source on the painting is the infrared and ultraviolet ray.

1): infrared thermal radiation source in long-term irradiation under the painting layer and inner layer of wood material temperature changes, temperature change windspeed and temperature stress caused by thermal shrinkage is bigger, the stronger, it causes the watercolor paint softening effect. The landscape lighting of the ancient architecture makes the wood components receive artificial light at a fixed time every day, so the surface and internal temperature stress will be changed. These effects of wood base, will likely make the wood deformation mechanism of osteoporosis (tiny), thereby reducing the load-carrying capacity and service life; the painting layer may lead to cracking, peeling and shedding the storm.

2) UV: ultraviolet with energy of 314-419kj/mol (dry J / mol), and the activation energy of auto oxidation reaction of the bulk polymer is about 42-16kJ/mol, a variety of chemical bond dissociation energy is about 167-418kJ/mol. The chemical bond has enough energy to destroy the ultraviolet polymer, through photochemical oxidation degradation caused by the destruction of ancient architecture painting skin. So to deal with the painting of anti UV treatment.

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