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For ancient buildings lighting, to follow the principles of protection?

The following principles should be followed in the lighting of ancient buildings:

1) principles of protection and utilization. The ancient architecture lighting requirements and general lighting is different, the ancient architectural lighting not only to achieve the display of its ancient building style, embodies her cultural and artistic connotation, and can not damage the ancient buildings, to protect and use requirements of ancient buildings.

2) does not change the original principles of ancient cultural relics, this is one of the most basic provisions of China's ancient cultural relics "norms" of the maintenance and reinforcement. General lighting equipment in addition to ancient cultural relics, such as setting the lighting equipment in the ancient cultural relics, should be fully technical demonstration, and approved by the competent department of cultural relics can be installed in the building lighting equipment, installation, design and construction should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the ancient cultural relics protection departments, regulations for more than 800 years old the building is strictly prohibited auxiliary wire.

3) principles of design according to standards. The content of illuminance, illumination of infrared and ultraviolet (MW / LM -- W/lm), irradiation time, which is according to the building's annual exposure time (illumination time * / year -----lx - h/ per year) and the light source color parameters (color temperature and color rendering index) must be carried out in strict accordance with the standard design. Should choose no UV, no infrared or its content is less, according to the standard lamp. Metal halide lamps, mercury lamps should not be close to.

4) the principle of strict management. From the management, the ancient buildings set night lighting, must be in accordance with the provisions of cultural relics department, carry out approval procedures strictly, in the design of landscape lighting project, must consider the management methods and measures to maintain the lighting facilities, lighting facilities in the operation process, must be strictly in accordance with the management rules.

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