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What kind of stage lights will automatically move as perform

Today to introduce you to a cow force a little light, follow spot, it is essential to stage lighting a lamp, it can be as man move automatically follow the moving light.

A lot of stage lighting equipment, as she watched the stage performance we can see a lot of lighting effects on the stage. And with a kind of stage lighting equipment is more of the motion of the actors to follow.

The stage lighting equipment is called follow spot, it is dark time will appear on the stage the whole of a kind of lamps and lanterns; This time standing around the actor on the stage all be full of darkness, but only he has a light location. This is the follow spot lighting effects, and with the moving of the actor on the stage, follow spot will follow the actor.

But follow spot is not the machine automatically when using follower actor's move, but they only want to be human to manipulate. While it's still a computer follow spot, but is not a computer to control of their own.

The follow spot on the stage is composed of convex lens and the light source directly, it is a kind of high power lamp; At the time of use, follow spot not only white light; Can also play the different colors of light; And the different colors of light also can have different design.

This is impossible to see in the early days, but with the application of follow spot on the stage type is very much also.

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