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Looking for the LED tube light heat dissipation "pain points" behind the big future

At present, to have entered the field of application of product homogeneity LED lighting technology is faced with three breakthrough: raise its utilization rate, reduce the warranty rate, extend the using effect, its heat dissipation cost problem still haunt the brand manufacturers. 
About 30%, such as LED light source in the electric energy into light energy, and the rest is converted into heat energy. The heat energy, therefore, should be so many export as soon as possible is the key technology of structure design of LED lamps and lanterns, heat through heat conduction, convection and radiation is needed to send out. 
LED tube light, according to the data, the larger growth space in the domestic market, they wantonly into each big super market, home outfit and engineering field, in a more prominent lighting effect, higher quality products won the recognition of consumers, canister light can be said to be the popularity of the highest category. 
Early LED canister light due to the expensive LED lamp bead, overall high cost is not accepted by the customer. With LED tube light chip prices lower and the improvement of heat dissipation technology, technology matures, its market scale is present a geometric type development. Facing the huge market space, each big manufacturer also launched a fierce competition, heat dissipation problems is first. 
LED tube light heat dissipation "pain points" how broken? 
LED tube light technology development changes with each passing day, manufacturers gradually realize the importance of quality, only the fine quality products to impress clients alternatives to traditional light source and solve the trouble back at home. LED tube light, quality determines the future development of tube light, to effectively remove the development shackles of LED tube light, must be in quality fluctuation ruan, real light with high quality impeccable products LED tube light, in the future, and improvements on LED tube light heat dissipation problem also started on the agenda. 
Talked about the LED tube light radiating pain points, shenzhen anson lighting technology co., LTD is a technical director Li Tingshuai said, "we think the tube light radiating pain points is the contradiction between the cooling effect and cost. If you want to have a good heat dissipation effect, good shape and texture at the same time, how to effectively control the cost is a need to challenge." 
New photoelectric technology co., LTD., chairman of guangdong auspicious Li Biwei told reporters that "the current LED canister light radiating pain points is that the heat concentration at the bottom of the light source to form the radiator among local high temperature, low temperature; otherwise an intermediate to make copper radiator, the high cost." 
Zhongshan platinum crystal lighting electric appliance co., LTD. Sales manager yuan open when it comes to sun, currently in the process of tube light production mainly adopt the die casting aluminum, the material easy to die-casting molding, convenient with optical parts design. Material purchase is convenient, cost is not high. For the canister light heat dissipation problem, yuan sun said, "when making high-power, canister light the lamp body is big, but small chip substrate, need fast heat conduction, the existing die casting aluminum material canister light long distance heat conduction problem. At the same time exist die-casting aluminum impurities, crack, hollow serious problems such as lower heat dissipation effect." 
Most of the LED tube light due to the high quantity of heat at work, you must use high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy. Usually has a stamping die casting aluminum radiator, extruded aluminum radiator, aluminum radiator. According to feedback, die-casting aluminum radiator is the LED tube light is used in many ways, however, although its production costs are controlled, but the heat dissipation thin wing can do, it is difficult to maximize the heat dissipation area. The LED die casting material for ADC10 and ADC12 commonly used lamps and lanterns of the radiator. 
With widely application in the field of LED tube light in each big, how to improve the utilization rate, decrease the rate of the warranty, extend the using effect, become a hot topic, but it still cause cost slightly higher because of the heat dissipation problem. For grab market, the major material company continuously introduce thermal suite new r&d project, from the original metal aluminum frame to ceramic products, and now very hot plastic cooling materials, these are all conducts heat better in order to go out. 
"Plastic bag aluminum" into LED tube light, new redemption? 
We all know that aluminum is one of the best heat dissipation material, but aluminum is expensive and use frequency is low, the process itself is limited by greatly, thus less style, long past and update speed limits its development. Plastic itself is an insulator, and the cooling performance is better, the price is low, but the opposite is true of metal, the cooling performance is poor, the industry thinks, aluminum plastic package with innovation significance be preferred in heat dissipation. 
In combination with the heat dissipation performance advantages and disadvantages of plastic and aluminum, plastic LED package aluminum radiator suite being developed and marketed, get the consistent high praise. The heat dissipation material is plastic material outside material wrapped in, while internal use aluminum for heat conduction, combining both advantages and disadvantages, so better product performance, thermal conductivity and its cost is under control. Other plastic itself is relatively easy to processing and shaping, thus the shape and style of aluminium plastic package was more abundant, also meet the application requirements of different places. 
Dongguan's million photoelectric technology co., LTD. General manager JinTao mentioned heat dissipation, thermal plastic as the carrier, plus aluminum metal wall, can significantly improve heat transfer properties of thermal conductive plastics. "Aluminum plastic bags will be the inevitable direction, canister light heat dissipation will become the mainstream of the canister light heat dissipation material." 
Since last year, the national environmental protection storm normalized, and bear the brunt of the lamps and lanterns that is commonly used in radiator hardware is environmental protection. On the other hand, the high cost. Do a die-casting downlight, materials may not be too expensive, but the cost of die casting, including post-processing, high proportion of comprehensive considerations. 
Aladdin lighting network reporter learned in the process of visiting, if used in the canister light aluminum radiator plastic package, it can avoid these two problems, the production without oxidation processes, such as can greatly reduce the pollution, on the other hand, don't need to die casting, more obvious economic benefits. 
In addition, because of the canister light, larger diameter from 2.5 to 10 inches is even greater. Lamps and lanterns is quite harsh to the requirement of heat sink materials, in addition to the heat itself, in the drawing of product, to ensure that the large deformation. At thousands of photoelectric JinTao talking about use of plastic bags of aluminium material, he thought, "heat dissipation material must be combined with cooling schemes. What kind of plan is the best, according to the positioning of your product, to choose the most suitable materials and solutions." 
Data show that in 2016 China LED commercial lighting market accounts for some 10% of the market overall size LED lighting application, 2017 will be in a stable growth, wide prospect of market. Commercial lighting industry has entered a new stage of development at present stage, the LED downlight enterprise in addition to strengthen its own technology research and development, more need to explore innovation and development. "Plastic bag aluminum" as a new type of heat dissipation material, has so far been applied by some manufacturers. Treat "plastic package aluminum materials in the use of LED tube light, we believe that the market will speed up the industrialization of the future. 

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