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What is the light cycle of plants?

The length of the sun is one of the most stringent and stable periodic changes in the earth, so it is used as the most reliable information for the development and behavior of plants. The plants distributed in various regions of the earth have adapted to the specific pattern of day and night length, forming the reproductive and behavior, which is the annual cycle, with a specific day long start, that is, the phenomenon of plant photoperiod.

The ecological effects of the length of sunshine on plants are mainly two aspects: light information and total energy. The effect of the length of day on the plant can be analyzed from the response of plants to the length of day. The light cycle is in fact an adaptation strategy of plants, to make full use of resources, to avoid the unfavorable season, it has been determined, the light cycle of most plants is not caused by the length of sunshine, but start by continuous darkness length, caused by plant breeding (flower bud formation) the maximum length is called the critical or dark night long. The dormancy of leaves, the leaves of leaves, and the formation of underground storage organs, etc..

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