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Does lighting affect plant growth?

The growth of plants without light, lighting and in turn affects the growth of plants. Whether it is the natural light intensity or time, have formed a plant adaptation model, which adapt to the formation of experienced a long period of evolution to complete, if people go to change a factor in this balance, will break the balance, thus affecting the threatened plants. The illumination time, light distribution and light intensity are harvested from various aspects will affect the growth of plants.

The light in artificial lighting and sunlight in the natural world affect the growth of plants in the form of light energy. Therefore, whether it is natural or artificial light, the role of the plant is the same, that is, the energy of photosynthesis and the formation of light signals. The difference is, the natural light is a natural law strictly, and plants have adapted to survival and the formation of the structure and system correspondingly, as humans to adapt to the law of survival of the rest of the day to working at night. The artificial light, such as disturbing the environment in the living environment of the plant, sitting on the plant to make a wrong judgment and change the normal growth pattern, and thus the formation of the destruction of plant survival.

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