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Urban landscape lighting products and construction of common problems and Solutions

With the development of social economy, demand for landscape lighting will also experience from as long as light, meet the basic requirements of energy saving, safety, etc. to the atmosphere, to meet the psychological and physiological aspects, etc., from quantity to quality change process. The landscape and environment of the urban landscape lighting has become the intangible resources of the city, and the development, protection and development of this kind of resources is an important task to build and manage modern city. How to grasp the key link of the construction management of landscape lighting, landscape lighting project implementation effect, to city facilities intact rate, lighting rate rising, to enhance the taste of the city more beautiful night view of the city, for the people living services.

The following combination of my company's urban landscape lighting project to explore the lighting products, lighting design and lighting engineering three how to better combine to enhance the quality of urban landscape lighting:

First, the relationship between the three: Lighting Design - lighting products - Lighting Engineering

Lighting design is actually the final implementation of the lighting effect of the forward-looking drawings. Its essence is the designer will imagine the final effect by computer design, hand-painted and other methods of performance on the drawings. Let the construction personnel have evidence, well documented. In the process of lighting design, the designer must be combined with the various types of lamps on the market, a comprehensive assessment of the power of these lamps, functions can achieve and achieve the effect of the design drawings. Furthermore, the lighting designer should also take into account the design of the late construction can meet the requirements of the design drawings, this time the need for electrical, engineering colleagues to guide. Usually, a project from start to finish, lighting designers, lighting designers, engineering construction of the three aspects of the colleagues must be done on a regular basis for the necessary research round table.

The main person in charge of lighting designer, lighting product design and project three party will discuss the project.

Two, the city landscape lighting fixture selection

1 lighting function is preferred

Urban landscape lighting shoulder two main tasks: first, the lighting function, and the two is the function of landscape appreciation. Urban landscape lighting is mainly reflected in the city's parks, roads and representative public buildings and other municipal works. These areas are places for people to relax, entertain, party and exercise at night. So lighting must achieve the necessary illumination. At the same time, in the shape of the lamp should also consider its unique interest, considerable appreciation.

2 green energy-saving lighting

When we choose the green energy saving and environmental protection issues are also more prominent performance.

The main function of the luminaire is to distribute the light flux of the light source to the required direction, so as to improve the utilization ratio of the light and avoid glare. High efficiency lamp is made of high reflectivity material and advanced production technology, with good light distribution curve and good sealing performance.

The energy saving lamp to reduce light leakage, strengthen the restriction and control of light; lamp protection in the process of using the dust cover inside fouling pollution will cause the loss of light, should be regular maintenance; high quality ballast, reduce power loss of the ballast, energy saving effect is very significant.

The use of LED lighting fixtures.

Optical fiber, LED technology, is widely used in roads, parks, sports venues and other lighting, as the city landscape lighting plug "technology of wings", will make the lighting environment more pleasant, save. In many municipal projects it is mandatory that the use of LED lamps must occupy a large proportion.

The overall landscape lighting in Leshan shows the cultural atmosphere and the characteristics of the times, at the same time, it also takes into account the commercial location of the building along the street, and the reasonable proportion of the sidewalk and the road landscape. Along the way building lighting maintenance, repair, through combing and other measures to LED energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamp and lamp making auxiliary use efficient, strict control of glare, to avoid light pollution, connecting the landmark landscape lighting, Leshan construction will become the symbol of regional tourism, leisure and entertainment in one.

Leshan's overall landscape lighting planning and operational costs of the calculation and comparison, if the use of LED lamps, the average annual operating expenses of 1 million 100 thousand, compared with traditional lamps about saving operating costs of about $30%.

3 landscape lighting should be combined with urban culture

The choice of urban landscape lighting should take into account the characteristics of the city's culture, history and culture, the characteristics of the city. Landscape lighting is sometimes combined with a major holiday opportunities, the performance of joy, auspicious festival features. It should be unique in modeling, and even can be used with modular lights, custom lights or appropriate lighting sculptures.

In order to highlight the history of Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley heavy sense, in the choice of the use of a lamp with a sense of the age of the yard, to create an antique cultural atmosphere.

Leshan River Bridge on the green belt with a traditional culture of Chinese knot lighting sculpture, enhance the cultural taste of the city, for the festival adds a happy and peaceful atmosphere.

Kai Ming Lighting for Leshan urban lighting planning and design of landscape lighting sculpture reflects the city's historical heritage. In the urban landscape lighting is often used.

4 lamps to facilitate installation, disassembly and maintenance of the latter

We often encounter some problems in lighting construction is the installation and removal of the lamp is not convenient, it is easy to be stuck. The lamp is relatively fragile products, it is impossible to beat with great effort. Therefore, in the light of the original design of the best to consider the convenience of its installation and disassembly, so that after the installation of dead card, flexible disassembly, multi-purpose card slot, less screws.

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