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Design of parking lot lighting in Cardiff port area

The facade of the parking lot at the port of Cardiff is decorated with a mixture of sails and waves. But when the darkness falls, these decorations will not help. At this time, a good lighting concept becomes very important. Based on the history of the harbour, Traynor Paul Treno (Paul) will be "sea" as the design theme, one of the main challenges is to create a visual impact on the premise of not affecting the neighboring buildings.

The structure of the parking lot is composed of a large wave component with an overall span of about 125m. Because of the complexity of the structure of the support system, so the structure of the sail from the outside to become the only choice. Material and light transmittance will have a major impact on the way in which sails from outside are used. The obvious solution is to install the LED light on the facade, but the budget is limited so that a more economical alternative to low technology is selected. In order to create a dynamic facade, the lighting designer chose a dual light source lighting scheme, and eventually used fluorescent light as a light source.

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