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Tianjin cultural center lighting design appreciation

Tianjin City Cultural Center project including the Tianjin Grand Theater, Tianjin Art Museum, Tianjin library, Tianjin Museum, Tianjin Tianjin Youth Activity Center, the Milky Way shopping centers, a total design from 12 countries, more than 40 design units involved in all stages of the cultural center project contest, submitted more than 200 programs, and ultimately determined by the in the United States, Germany and Japan, 12 design units in the design and implementation of 4.

Tianjin Grand Theatre is jointly designed by GMP architects and the East China Architectural Design & Research institute. Hua Yijianyuan Lighting Design Consulting Co. Ltd provides professional lighting facilities and deepen the design for it, fully understand the design intent of the design, design ideas clearly reflect the design side, with bright gorgeous lights lit the Tianjin Grand Theatre, and opposite the Tianjin auditorium echoed.

Tianjin Cultural Center

The Tianjin Museum of art by the famous American KSP (Jurgen Engel Architects) and Tianjin Institute of architectural design and design. Hua Yijianyuan Lighting Design Consulting Co. Ltd. to provide professional lighting the deepening design, full communication and design, from the details to meet the design requirements, soft light, accurate performance, especially the Tianjin Art Museum on the side of lateral light grille, see no light lamps, the lamp be hidden. At the same time, through the analysis of professional comparison, the use of high cost of domestic lamps to replace the high price of imported lamps, greatly reducing the cost for the owners, the owners of the trust and praise.


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