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China Beijing 1949 Red Star alley lighting project (three)

Into the corridor, the black box of the wood door uplights not deliberately stressed frame, but inadvertently made of gray brick wall plate a good expression of material and shadow, not deliberately to all grey brick walls do light rendering characterization, but simply put a halo, enough to make this "dark" fascinating "incense".

The crystal chandelier room as desktop chandeliers, although the crystal light elements, shape or simple and elegant, with wooden beams with lighting control system using the crystal lights, not as the desktop dishes lighting, but added a narrow beam of light beams in low-voltage quartz lamp, single supplement desktop lighting.

China Beijing 1949 Red Star alley

Works by the famous photographer Mr. Huang Guoji created the "bamboo" shot in Kyoto, as the 49 sinks to its window view punchline, unique design is perfectly applied to the interior design in the box. Point light source design in the bamboo forest, from top to bottom, suddenly and suddenly dark, and the density of alternating bamboo forest, to create an elegant dining intimate dining environment.

The entire restaurant lighting design to break the traditional lighting design methods, the use of a large number of new LED lamps. The buried uplights and indirect lighting design technique in Campbell street such luxury downtown neighborhood, to create a quiet and peaceful fragrance.


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