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TianJin Railway Station lighting engineering integration of the two buildings night effect

TianJin Railway Station south station and the new project including the transformation of real North building, lighting designers want to use unified tone and technique to merge the two buildings at night, stick to a low color temperature, so that passengers travel happily in a warm and comfortable color, reflect the true meaning of transportation construction.

The color temperature of the whole station space is controlled between 3000 and 4000K, which is rarely used in 5000K. The aim is to create a kind of atmosphere. In the North Building a layer of public space, the middle region using 4000K downlight provide ambient light, on both sides of the use of 3000K will post the stone hit the bright lamp, the color temperature changes highlight the spatial structure of the level and depth.

TianJin Railway Station

In the north of the first floor of a public space, the distribution of scientific lighting clear distribution hall entrance, ticket area and the flow of people and the spatial relationship between visual guidance. 300 - 500lx ticketing and transition area, 200 - 300lx visual orientation area with a public space of 150 - 200lx. At the ticket and the transition zone, a large volume of light and conventional downlight are segmented from space and illumination. Non dense areas with appropriate low light, can quickly and effectively guide the flow of people to the functional area. In the north building two layer tall grand public area space, to ensure the vertical illuminance requirements, combined with the solar beam ceiling molding effect lays out the space movement and the route guidance and direction, the target region is clearly visible. In this area the illuminance distribution ring, the outermost layer as a guide region, illuminance is 250 - 300lx, ticketing area illumination is 300lx, the ticket window front surface illumination 500lx, visual area 200 - 300lx, pick an empty concourse area design standards for 150 - 200lx, with the emphasis on accurate light distribution function with the visual effect, reduce the maximum energy consumption.

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