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Analysis of the lighting system of Beijing Capital International Airport

The program consists of three parts: general lighting system, it provides functional lighting; public traffic line He Zhaoming, to help the passenger airline passenger route guidance; decorative lighting to highlight key and dramatic situations. General lighting from the top of the roof mounted inside the advanced system to meet the basic lighting needs, and provide special lighting for the roof and structure. The central area of the lighting on the scaffolding lamp pairs, the spotlight for improving brightness level required, flexible lighting can adapt to changes. The most striking is the luminous roof, the color of the building is changed from red to yellow. During the day, this is achieved by natural light. After nightfall, halogen floodlight illuminates the internal roof structure, through the slab can see a light roof. External lighting covers the image, road and landscape of the building. The main goal is to minimize the impact on the environment, while creating a iconic image, especially from the airport runway and air viewing.

Optimal utilization of natural heating and cooling by minimizing the energy consumption through a shading system

The application of the principle of geometric optimization design is another supplement to the concept of sustainable building design. The rise of the metal plate array in the winter and summer contributes to the building's thermal insulation and cooling. The roof structure design combines passive environmental technology T3 terminal will reduce the carbon footprint (Carbon Footprint, carbon emissions) as one of the design of the power and the starting point: the sun shading system to minimize energy consumption; the use of natural heating and cooling optimization; and the effective use of natural lighting.

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