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The world's most amazing oasis of light

The average tourist divides Las Vegas into two parts: entertainment and business. The main objective of our investigation is the rapid development of entertainment areas in recent years.

The entertainment district along Las Vegas Avenue on both sides of the distribution area is 6 km long, a treaty is row upon row of restaurants and entertainment city. Arrive in Las Vegas in the evening, we boarded the last year just completed TV Tower, 270 meters high, standing on the surface can be seen North Bu panorama entertainment district. Night to see the entertainment area is like a mosaic of colorful gems, the hotel building in the vicinity of the theft from the lane, even the construction of the construction site has been decorated with colorful lights.

The parking lot is very tidy, with a column shaped lamp arranged around the orange sodium lamp as a light source. Some of the lights in the outer part of the mouth is lit Street residential areas. Go out again. It's dark. What we see is like the night on the island in the sea. At the end of the city is a vast expanse of desert, in addition to a few money in the desert road can not see anything. Only the city is a veritable oasis of light.

In order to stay close to the observation, we entered the city and decided to get off from the north end of the entertainment area. Walking on the street, the most striking is to be a huge sign of the hotel and entertainment city, they are generally standing upright with the streets, the height of at least 20 meters in the soil, and even the overall rotation of the signs. The main body is made of steel plates, and a neon lamp tube and an incandescent bulb are arranged densely and densely. Incandescent light bulb for a special 25 Watt lighting; life of up to 8000-10000 hours, equivalent to ordinary incandescent bulbs of 6 times.

From the type of light, seem to sign and Tokyo Shinjuku Kabuki street and Osaka Fujiya wall building not what difference. However, as an independent building, here to deal with more features. The setting up of such a huge sign dates back to the early stages of the entertainment area 50 years ago, when hotels and casinos began to use such signs.

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