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Suitable lighting, Las Vegas more attractive.

In the entertainment area, the parking lot was built for the convenience of the guests, and the hotel was built behind the parking lot.

Recently, the parking lot will be built in the back of the hotel building or turn to the ground, because a number of entertainment venues built along the street. Of course, the city wall entertainment device light bulbs and neon lights, these lights can make the sidewalk pavement of about 50 lux illumination. This is definitely higher than the average illuminance in the hotel room. And, when you walk through the sidewalk into the side of the building, most likely will be a beach full of entertainment, the lights are very dark, one night, where the internal and external lighting is reversed.

Lane 20-30 lux illumination, even in the middle of the road with the separation of the coconut trees are illuminated. In order to highlight the straight lines of the road and neatly arranged column lamp, in fact, is dispensable.

However, in the 6 km long section, not all buildings are connected, sometimes see a piece of land, as the best place to play a role in cylindrical lights. But now the space may soon be building a commercial facility.

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