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The use of lamps to capture the natural color and emotional symbols

The use of lamps to capture the natural color and emotional symbols

By the Chinese Institute for advanced lighting Lighting Designers Association, Hefei railway construction Municipal Engineering Design Institute hosted, Hongkong zhenminglee group - silver rain lighting company sponsored and CO China senior lighting design

Division sixth salon and Hefei forum, at 8:30 on February 26, 2012, held in Hefei railway construction and municipal engineering design and Research Institute, held in. The forum invited the Chinese lighting Society

Mr. Wang Jinsui, Professor Li Tienan Chinese Academy of architecture experts, Hefei railway construction municipal engineering design and Research Institute President Mr. Feng Wei, Hongkong Pharmaceutical Group Chinese regional president Mr. Chen Yueming. From all over the country 40

Senior lighting designers in the spring breeze blowing, gathered in Anhui Hefei, attended a lighting designer forum open up a fresh outlook. The theme of this forum is to use photons to capture the natural color and space-time symbols.

The forum is a senior lighting designers to participate in the second phase of the main training courses, the Secretariat of the Association sponsored by the planning and implementation of outdoor activities and the theme of the forum activities, the activities have been

Support and approval of the chairman of China Institute of lighting Wang Jinsui. At the beginning of the forum, Wang Jinsui pointed out that the development of China's lighting industry, to a large extent, depends on the development of lighting technology and the progress of the art of lighting and lighting design

Is the lighting technology and the integration of the art of light and innovators.

In order to improve the overall quality of Chinese lighting designers, since 2008, Chinese Institute of lighting training system for lighting designers, held the primary, intermediate and advanced lighting designer training. China Illuminating Engineering Society

Has successfully held three senior lighting designer occupation qualification training class, after several years of practice, we understand that the training of lighting designers, plays an indispensable role to enhance the overall level of China's lighting industry.

Professor Li Tienan China Institute of Building Sciences pointed out in his speech: the salon and the theme of the forum held in Hefei is of great significance between the training class of lighting designers can not only strengthen exchanges, enhance friendship, but also can

Promote development through collaboration. In the future, we will expand the horizons of lighting designers, more communication and to encourage the free airing of views, architects, artists and communication, communication and lighting manufacturers, and government departments

Through in-depth communication, communication, can reach a reasonable solution, or the formation of a new lighting value not only to the growth of lighting designers, but also for promoting the entire lighting industry.

Exhibition has a positive effect. Feng Wei, President of Hefei municipal construction Municipal Engineering Design Institute, said at the beginning of the forum, he warmly welcomed the arrival of the guests, and recalled the development of China Railway Hefei design institute,

The design institute based in Anhui to the country's future vision, Geluyinghao look forward to lighting and work together to create a new world. President Chen Yueming sent a group China Neoneon ebullience speech, in which he said:

Level lighting designers in our country has just started, there are still less than a hundred people, the healthy development of the senior lighting designer team is of great significance to the prosperity of China's Lighting Science and technology development. The prosperity of China's lighting technology needs

Benchmarking enterprise need to lead and boost the designers bravely. The enterprise is the soil of the designer, the designer wants to approach the enterprise, the enterprise must realize the designer's ideal, this is a way which the Chinese illumination designer grows

Diameter, but also the development of lighting enterprises an inevitable process. I look forward to Chinese senior lighting designers to design talent, outstanding works, leading the lighting field, with new ideas to affect the lighting industry in the future. Kerry Holdings

The company will attach importance to the project design, the development of lighting technology, product refinement, design field, system integration as the starting point to guide the direction of the development of lighting professionals. Senior lighting designer training class second squad leader Zhang Huidai

Table top lighting designer position: the teacher of the leaders, and the speaker, to visit Hefei to express my sincere gratitude, suggestions for the future designers association activities, and using the new technology, to create a happy team


Tea, senior lighting designer Dai Baolin, Yang Luoding, Lu, Du Jun, Chen Yueming, Diao Xu, Shi, Xiong Qinghua, Gao Ying et al as keynote speakers in speech. Including lighting

Design case sharing, theoretical and practical results report, project technical explanations. Ma Jinzhu, senior manager of Hefei lighting construction management department on the development direction of lighting and energy saving and implementation of ways to do a wonderful exposition, we are very popular

Inspire 5 in the afternoon, some people held a round table, the participants conducted a small range of lighting technology exchanges, the successful conclusion of the forum at 7 p.m..

The forum hosted by the association secretary general Du Jun, "China Lighting Network", "Aladdin lighting network", "Chamber of Commerce" and other media sent reporters to participate in the forum.

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