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Off line drive bottlenecks to break through the domestic LED lighting system reliability greatly increased

In order to meet the domestic LED lighting applications market increasingly stringent requirements of products, a new generation of off-line LED driver with electrical isolation, high efficiency, power factor correction and Triac dimming function, and provides a well regulated current, in order to maintain consistent brightness at the same time, various protection functions, also improve the system reliability.

In the past few years, the display backlight applications have been driving the light-emitting diode (LED) market growth factors. However, today's LED general lighting in the commercial and residential market attractiveness is growing, but also further accelerate the growth of the LED market. According to market research firm LEDinside research report pointed out that in 2010 the rapid growth of commercial high lumen LED lighting system. This is because, for most consumers, home LED lighting is still too expensive. On the other hand, in the parking lot, offices, factories, warehouses and other commercial areas, LED lighting can lead to energy saving and environmental protection and long-term benefits, and related tax policies, so these applications use LED lighting will be a substantial growth.

Home LED lighting market will accelerate growth

LED lamp can not only replace high pressure sodium lamp, halogen lamp and incandescent lamp, but also can replace the energy-saving fluorescent lamp (CFL) and fluorescent lamp in some fields. LED commercial lighting will grow rapidly and widely adopted, while 2012 is the key year for home LED lighting.

In commercial buildings, lighting generally accounts for 25 ~ 40% of the total energy use, so commercial applications began to switch to LED lighting, in fact, is not surprising. Due to the need for high intensity and long time lighting, the economic returns caused by power saving are relatively short. In addition, LED auxiliary device life is very long, so significantly reduce the replacement cost of LED lamps. The replacement cost includes not only the cost of lighting, also includes a hands-on replacement of labor costs, usually in some applications, such as high Jiedeng lighting applications disassembly, these needs professional labor costs are very high.

Overall, the majority of consumers focus from the perspective of the case, the general household lighting LED is still too expensive, however, with the future of LED prices and ancillary equipment LED more widely available, lighting market will also appear substantial growth in residential areas. Most analysts expect the housing market to accelerate growth after 2012.

LED driver IC design consider multi faceted

: as mentioned above, the main driving factors of the LED lighting market is behind the high growth rate can significantly reduce the power consumption. If the same amount of light output (in lumen) is provided, the LED requires less than 20% of the incandescent lamp. As shown in Table 1, LED lighting has more advantages, but there are more challenges. The advantages of LED include longer life than incandescent, which greatly reduces the cost of replacing; especially in residential lighting market, can use the bidirectional silicon controlled rectifier (Triac) previously installed dimmers to LED dimming is also a major advantage. LED lights can be connected in real time, no need to preheat the time like CFL, and LED lights are not sensitive to the power cycle, which is also different from the CFL lights. In addition, LED lighting accessory does not contain any toxic materials that need to be controlled or treated, while CFL uses toxic mercury vapor to work. Finally, LED can be used to achieve new and very flat dimensions, while other techniques are not possible.


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