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The role of visual objects and lighting in store lighting

Visual object is divided into two parts according to the situation that people have to pay attention to the behavior of people when they have a purpose. An object that has to be seen or must be seen for the immediate purpose of action or action. Environment refers to people's actions are not directly related to the environment around the line of sight to see the surrounding environment. The object of course is the goods and store service personnel. Highlight the characteristics of the product is called "commodity display", of course, more importantly, the customer is really satisfied with the attitude and the comprehensive behavior of service, catering industry is very obvious in this regard. The communication between the customer and the service staff is also very important, should pay attention to whether or not to see the person's face, this is called "dialogue show". The main function of the store environment is to see the goods, of course, the first prerequisite is to attract customers to shop, and make customers happy, fulfilling psychological satisfaction can be achieved, is also very important in some cases where the marked, the choice of atmosphere, this concept is called "space display". The function and lighting of the store. The role of lighting in the order of time is space display, commodity display, dialogue display.

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