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How to create the characteristic lighting of city night scene in urban lighting planning

City night landscape should respect the city structure, reflect the inherent characteristics of city, District, according to Liang bright highlights, color grading, zoning and other four aspects is the realization means; method of night landscape and other expression characteristics, expression of Ruyi environment, architectural character, lamp selection; in addition, an important aspect of culture and the spirit of the times the night of the landscape also embodies the characteristics of the. The characteristics of urban night lighting design to create the city night landscape has three meanings. The first is the lighting science and technology; the second is the artistic effect; the third is the landscape type. It can be said is the organic combination of night landscape lighting science and art, is the social material civilization reached a certain height, it is necessary for city landscape diversity, but also the comprehensive embodiment of socialist two civilization construction. The lighting design of the characteristics of the city to create a city night landscape to expand the expression of city landscape, all-weather show the charm of the city is deep landscape resources, give full play to the important measure of resource efficiency. Because of the night landscape has such an important role, governments at all levels and relevant functional agencies are also deeply inclined. However, if you want to create a unique and in line with the green lighting and technical requirements of the urban landscape, but also to follow the scientific principles of urban landscape planning and design. The expression of a city, body landscape features of the night landscape for the city night landscape and city body landscape have good echo, we should start planning the night landscape, and according to the deployment of the overall city planning strategy, combined with the city's present and future space layout, making the city night target in the future of art from the whole aesthetic point of view identify ways to realize the goal, steps and technical protection measures, and through the guidance and control of social practice for the intervention of the city night landscape art beauty continued. City landscape lighting objects and artistic dark with the implementation of the city night landscape is a stage, even the long process of planning control is to ensure that every single process can be for the city space layout of the night landscape integrity service. The bright light, light, light, light and so on are the reflection of the integrity of the night landscape, but also the establishment of the landscape and the landscape of the urban landscape. 1 bright night landscape is more bright and better partition, its brightness to meet people needs for the principle, and reflects the distance between the light feeling of ornamental optimization and energy saving, so a good city night landscape is an artistic expression object with bright and dark relationship. The illumination division is to quantify the brightness of the object of the landscape in order to make the expression object bright and the dark dark, and the morphological structure of the object can be reflected by the relationship between light and dark. Therefore, the overall grasp of the effect of the night landscape. The concept of bright illumination has both macro and micro significance. On the building, building four district that the surface has dark, in order to ensure the volume and contour are not distinctive architectural lighting "eclipsed"; on the regional, partition is the overall arrangements for the brightness of the comprehensive consideration of function and aesthetic feature regions, each partition has a bright dark, quite distinct from each other. Light partition also contains the meaning of green lighting design. Different lighting division has a reasonable distribution of light in the city, which is the optimal combination of light and energy saving, light and function, light and object structure. 2 light level classification according to the brightness of the light is to determine the brightness of the night landscape in each partition, and the average level of illumination to distinguish the brightness of each of the highlights, so that the expression of primary and secondary objects, focused. Highlights and the main points of the landscape are inseparable, the main points of the main points of the landscape landscape is an important basis for the level of its brightness level. Similarly, the highlights of this concept can also be used for macro urban and micro architecture. In the processing of city night landscape contour, the organization shall cooperate effectively with the whole city light music outline, highlight the "stress", "bass", in order to weaken the essence of beauty reflects the city skyline; in the night landscape processing single building on the top and bottom of the building is landscape points, this is the lighting the key to express. 3 bright belt with the general use of backbone traffic lighting, which not only has the function of the role, or the bright area, highlights the link. Highlights, bright and bright band reflects the city night landscape of the point, line, surface, so that the night view of the primary and secondary, there is a unified change. The brightness of the bright band can also be divided into primary and secondary. The intensity of the urban landscape to the urban landscape can be distinguished by the brightness of the bright band. The structural beauty of urban space can be fully expressed through the bright band of night landscape. 4 light color zoning according to the city's roads, regions with different colors of light configuration, which is the concept of color zoning. The light color zoning not only reflects the colorful city night landscape, but also can increase the direction of the city. Due to the public nature of the city night landscape, the pursuit of auspicious, auspicious color of light is the moral we want to follow". As in the city square, we cannot use the lake blue or light blue and so easy to let a person produce terror Lenovo light to "light", otherwise not only with the square of the joyous atmosphere which will bring adverse effects to the society; moreover, the city street lights on the advertising you need to pay attention to the change of the frequency of flashing, beating that is too rapid, too jump will produce unhealthy psychological pressure on people, etc.. Two, the urban characteristics of the night landscape to play the above mentioned in the four aspects of the city night landscape reflects the respect of the urban landscape, the purpose is to make the two have the unity of visual identity. However, there are a number of other ways to play the Urban Landscape Landscape Association, landscape innovation. The innovation of urban night landscape 1 artistic conception is a kind of artistic realm, which reflects the harmonious unification of human emotion and life picture. It is also the highest pursuit of the aesthetic realm of Chinese ancient art. "Things I blend, the heart of the two things," the wonderful, "the king of the situation, the feelings of the king" is an excellent portrayal of the mood. The day night landscape and the landscape effect of yin and Yang, and emphasizes the artistic conception of virtual and real scenes, highly consistent, the creation of the night landscape more than a look at the treasure. The night landscape can be combined with the theory of artistic conception to realize the "zero distance"". However, in order to create artistic conception in the night landscape designers need to use some skills and methods. First of all, the direction of the light in the night landscape should be opposite to the sun, so that the "black and white upside down", the contrast of the image is created, which will lay the foundation for the artistic conception. The second is to make a reasonable image. For example: Wuhan Kameyama house counsel by light art can be reminiscent of wonderland. The Taiwan stack profile image formation and good ecological mountain is real; and the analogy of blue light "day", strong brightness contrast and bottom-up generated surreal abstraction is false, highlight the "Wonderland" with no reality whatever. The mountain, trees used to reflect the celestial boundaries and silhouette distance. The appropriate decorative lights indistinctly Jizhan silhouette, in order to create a space of depth. 2 the architecture of the night landscape and urban identity is the city's urban construction, but also an important element of urban identity. Good night landscape will enrich and improve the overall identity of the city, so as to achieve the purpose of the image of the city. The night landscape of the building monomer in the city must fully express the architectural character, and determine the lighting layout according to the characteristics of the building. Classical architectural style of lighting for European classical style, according to its composition characteristics such as horizontal and three vertical organization Friday lights, the lights into multiple segments, each segment of the reasonable control of light intensity attenuation, prominent European architecture rich entablature shadow; for Chinese classical architecture, according to the column arrangement of light, rich rhythm and a prominent relationship Bay under the brackets; Ming can take measures to strengthen the position of the upper light plaque is more conspicuous. For modern architecture, according to the characteristics of the building, emphasizing the construction of the block surface and volume, simple wall construction can be used to create a special color color or light source to enhance the artistic effect of the charm. The transparency of the glass makes it difficult to deal with the night landscape, for the construction of large glass curtain wall is more visible light transmittance. The 3 night of the landscape in the landscape "act tough and talk soft night light and light color is soft landscape, and the lamp is hard landscape. Is an important feature of "act tough and talk soft night landscape". The lights can be "soft" and "affinity", any landscape ontology which is characteristic of other soft landscape is not as light; the hard landscape elements, its volume is small, but there are omnipresent in catalysis and human interface in the city. The use of these characteristics of the lamp, the city's cultural connotation into the shape of the lamp, so that the light will be "small" see "big" to produce the concept of urban communication. Lamps on the characteristics of the city is not in order to shape the body to win, but in the landscape of the implied meaning of the text, that is, with the subtle place, see the spirit". Three, city night landscape culture and the times shape lighting also have a "culture", this is not curry favour by claptrap. Regardless of the essence of the night landscape lighting art itself is a member of a large family of culture, the following points sufficient evidence. City Night Landscape Shaping times first, rational organization of light halo, color change, make the audience have some association with the cultural heritage of the play, different people have different feelings and interpretations of this, so "Lenovo" is a reflection of cultural heritage "Lenovo", and "play" is the "cultural quality with play". The aforementioned Wuhan Kameyama house counsel is the best example of the night view. Second, city night landscape can adopt some implication methods to abstract the connotation of the city, such as the 56 lights on behalf of 56 ethnic groups, nine cluster beam representative "nine bird", similar to the method which makes the light material landscape has certain cultural attributes, also make bright landscape to cultural landscape material sublimation. Third, will be in the city or region of some cultural totem to the lamp design will strengthen the city's cultural identity. The connotation of the city night landscape lighting for the city to express the times. In the city night landscape works in numerous as the style and characteristics of expression of the city, the modern high-tech equipment manufacturers creatively sound, light, electricity, and color fusion, make the city night landscape obviously with high-tech color. Like the fireworks lamp, optical motion type optical changes and mechanical movement with laser lamps, solar green lamps, according to the traffic flow to adjust the brightness of the "smart" lamps and the application of nano technology reflective lamp etc.. The urban landscape is mainly manifested in the era of technological innovation, the combination of high, new, sharp technology and the city night landscape to the night landscape marked a strong brand of the times. This is the era of the characteristics of the night landscape. Last night, the city has become a symbol of the internationalization of the city. It makes the city breakthrough time limit to display image and its vitality, make the city in attracting foreign investment and developing tourism and promoting the socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization construction has positive significance. It can be predicted that the future of the city night view of its manifestations will be more colorful, but also for the construction of urban landscape features to make greater contributions.

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