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The role of stage lights on the stage

In the performance of the role of stage lights dance there are three kinds of common:. 
1. According to transformation of space and time Make "montage" effect 
Stage lights can be parallel or intermittently appeared on the stage, can form the similar movies "montage" the effect of cutting fabric of space-time, let a person feel this is a kind of performance through time. Performance at the same time the different space of two kinds of circumstances, as long as with lamplight stage is divided into two areas, as both sides can; But show the same space of what is happening in the past or the future, you can use the function of lights lapses, zhang MAO, back in time or in advance. Ballet "the home", using the latter lighting gimmick, make sense of new eyes on the slope to pick a flower Jue unreal may visit cousin in the past in this image, the different time of the event clever formation is now in the same space, let the audience feel the moment of the mood. 

2. Outstanding performers emotions guided audience the line of sight 
To act on human's vision, color can make the person produces different emotions. Such as red gives people a warm, passionate, and danger, and feeling, green represents downy, have vitality, pure and fresh feeling, such as blue sadness, depression, sad mood, and so on. Stage lights use these color mood, can reflect the characters inner states, also can be introduced into the corresponding also reminded the audience emotional state. 

3. Apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere Suggest the existence of some characters 
Lights can also act as a dynamic vision itself sometimes, cooperate with people talk plot, invisible to visible. In the dance "the prairie children", for example, is to use a running light, from the sky, almost replaced the brigade holding lantern for the nomads of the little brother and sister and the people's liberation army cavalry, concise and refined. And like a ballet "the soul," the spirit of the near-collapse a whiner in illusion as if saw the will. A bundle of circling, jumping will follow spot is replaced by real image, one dance with my mother. 
The suggested technique with lamplight, saving the performance of the ink on the one hand, on the other hand has also created the actual condition of a good artistic conception, can let a person experience the feeling of the performers. Can highlight the dramatic conflicts and strengthen the rhythm of the stage, rich artistic appeal. Sometimes cooperate stage special effects. 

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