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The relationship between cultural characteristics and urban lighting

City culture is the connotation of a city, the city image is a cultural city of the city is explicit, form and characteristics can stimulate the people's thoughts and feelings activities, is the specific internal and external public perception of the city vitality and prospects for development of city inner strength, the. The construction of urban culture is the higher stage of urban construction after the construction of urban infrastructure and the construction of urban environment. "Light culture" is the connotation of urban lighting, is the use of existing lighting technology and means to create an important form to meet the needs of human spiritual civilization and promote the development of human society. Light culture with national and regional characteristics, different countries, nationalities, city light culture with their own characteristics, so it has the "city lighting construction light culture connotation, will become an important part of city culture construction. The construction of urban culture should be able to reflect the direction of urban development and the history of the city, so as to guide the attention of the internal and external public, and make people aware of the personality and advantages of the city image. From the perspective of city culture construction, the significance and value of city lighting to highlight the city night differentiation advantages, enhance the visibility of the city, play cohesion function, enhance the city marketing efficiency and the comprehensive strength of the city. In a sense, the characteristics of the city is the vitality and attraction of the city, so we should attach importance to the construction of urban characteristics. Through the advantages and characteristics of the positioning analysis, the construction of image system, highlighting the city's personality, effectively strengthen the awareness, thereby enhancing the visibility of the city's brand. The world has a lot of beautiful city are due to a unique night and become tourists "need to place", and the shape of the city night landscape has been showing a personalized trends, such as the night view of Yokohama Galaxy like diarrhea, shiny silver endless; Las Vegas night show the flourishing, noble, bright but not noisy; New York Manhattan night as a splendid picture of the city, dazzling (see Figure 1 - 6); the night view of Hongkong to win the elegance of feminine tenderness (see Figure 1 - 7). City night landscape has become a symbol of the internationalization of the city, so that the city breaks through the restrictions of time to show their own image and vitality, and promote the construction of the city's characteristics. The picture shows the Sichuan Leshan city landscape lighting landscape "screen", the screen color with the seasons change, reflect the culture of the city source: Internet reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422

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