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How to coordinate the relationship between urban lighting and environmental construction

Urban environmental construction and urban lighting is also closely related to each other. Urban environmental construction is an important part of the city's economic and social development, and is the basis of social development. The main object of the city construction including the city infrastructure and public environment construction, the city environmental construction is the advanced stage of city construction, it can be said that the city environment construction is deepening and improvement of city public facilities and space construction. The main forms of urban construction in China: first, the scale of urban construction is the two supporting urban and environmental construction in order to improve urban services, improve the quality of life of residents. An important goal of modern urban construction is to improve the living standards and quality of life of the people of the city to provide a good working and living environment for the residents. The construction of modern city environment include many aspects, including not only the daily environmental greening, environmental sanitation, including the night lighting, the so-called "city lights up" the city environment is an indispensable content of the all-round construction. Urban lighting should pay attention to the harmony between human and environment. People is the environment of the protagonist, let the light dialogue with people, so that people fully enjoy the beauty of the night, full of life and human environment has become a city at night, many of the city planning and construction for the twenty-first Century world target. Through the city to build the city night lighting environment, in accordance with the people-oriented, scientific development, realize the harmonious development of man and environment, man and nature, so as to realize the benign cycle of economic, environmental and social benefits. City ecological construction is based on the design principle of artificial ecology, make full use of modern science and technology, make full use of natural ecological system, the combination of natural and artificial to achieve a high degree of harmony, to achieve environmental, economic and social benefits of the system two. Urban ecological construction aims to adopt the method of system, set up the ecological view of harmonious development, realize the organic combination of nature and environment. The ultimate goal of city ecological construction is the social economic development and ecological environment construction combine to create a harmonious society, economic efficiency and virtuous cycle of ecological human settlements form, is a new model of sustainable development of the height of the harmony between man and nature of the city. Therefore, the construction of ecological city has become a common concern of the world. Focusing on the development of urban ecology, urban lighting must pay attention to the ecological concept. In the implementation of the urban lighting project, the application of new technologies, new materials, new technology, continuous technological innovation, to maximize energy savings, anytime, anywhere to reflect the principle of environmental friendly construction. Only in this way can we make the urban lighting and Urban Ecological Construction unified with each other, and at the same time avoid the blind development, waste of resources and environmental pollution. Source: Internet reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422

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