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The persistence and compromise of the ancient architecture lighting "see the light and not light"

Around the building lighting, the topic is always controversial. With this stage lighting more and more attached to the lighting in the building, the cultural symbol more and more generally, building good lighting effects not only in mining building itself historical and cultural connotation, more sporadic City, the surrounding countryside culture gene. On the other hand, the architectural lighting design as the interpretation of the architectural night, the same can not be separated from the building itself exists.

It is because carrying so much meaning, architectural lighting, especially the expression of ancient architectural lighting techniques have also been a lot of controversy. See the light but not light as the five words most frequently mentioned proverbs, recently re interpreted, whether regarded as the red line must be complied with, or even the only important consideration standard, conformity.

"Light" and "light" of modern architecture and ancient architecture"

"Can be exaggerated, but can not be changed," Lu Zhang believes that.

In modern architecture, many architects and lighting designers will dispute in a light arrangement, but these disputes can often be in the early stage of architectural design to communication to resolve, combined with the scheme of building structure and lighting effects to provide more room for the latter part of the match, on the other hand, through careful treatment, floor lamp, lamp and so on. These dominant lamps can be used as a supplementary lighting and building itself together skillfully. See light and see the light is not contradictory.

Compared with modern architecture, ancient architecture structure is more complicated, the ancient architectural lighting is the kernel of protection and inheritance, the protection of the building itself, the cultural heritage of ancient buildings, from these two methods are considered to be defective. See the light does not reflect the more obvious.

"Ancient buildings have much more space to hide than modern buildings. Make full use of the structure of ancient architecture complex, looking for a suitable space, select or customize the proper size, reasonable light distribution, nondestructive lamp installation and realize lighting as much as possible is an important content of concealed installation of ancient architecture lighting design". The original chapter has emphasized the protection of ancient buildings, the building should be reduced as much as possible light exposed, especially the destruction of buildings during the day the beauty of the whole nude lamps, which is an important measure of the success or failure of consideration of night lighting, night lighting effect and its importance to itself.

Therefore, the designer in the light of the ancient buildings in the documentary and freehand must be careful speculation.

"See the light is not light" is a common method of ancient architectural lighting

A building characteristic of Chinese traditional architecture is very evident in the roof of the curve, which is a lot of building a finishing touch, so the night lighting roof of key processing, will be shown the charm of ancient buildings. The form, material and decoration of the roof will have a great influence on the lighting performance. If the roof tile pavement can be small for the light to cast light on the set in the eaves, or along the small light down light set at the ridge, not only show the beauty of the traditional structure of slope of the roof, the roof also reflects the warped outline. You can also use the outline of the roof, the roof of the unique shape of the essence described. Similarly, the roof of the roof and some other details, you can also use a small local focus on the performance of fiber optic lighting.

In the course of these processes, the location of the lamp is very easy to affect the shape of the building, not only can not be exposed during the day, but not in the night to destroy the overall outline of the lighting line.

Of course, the truth is understood, but confined to the complex structure of ancient buildings, in the actual operation, the realization of all the concealed installation of lamps is almost impossible, so that the lamp into the building has become a learning.

In the harsh and compromise, how to make smaller damage, six believes that as much as possible to reduce the damage to the construction of the aesthetic demand more of the lamps, "small - lamp size as small as possible, reducing the space sense of existence; as of appearance color should be as close as possible to the installation of building structure; it is: fixed installation, no damage to the building". Even so, in the construction of the project, there are still difficult to reconcile the contradictions, lighting and lighting the destruction of those who are more difficult to accept?

Light damage "fierce" in bare

Many people blindly adhere to the so-called "light lamps" principle, that it is taboo to mount the lamp in a slightly exposed position, prefer to use other ways to reflect the distribution of light, so overwhelming. In recent years more and cast light lamps, wall lamp lighting product structure more flexible, but still many designers will use the lamp buried lights hidden in ancient architectural lighting applications, in some inappropriate treatment, it is easy to produce interference caused by glare, visual environment. Such cases are not uncommon, if the light or the best location of the wall lamp, even if there will be some nudity, is still better than other designs.

Ancient architectural lighting, see the light is not very common, but in accordance with the rigid does not advocate, in some cases, the light is more than the naked light to be seen.


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