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Selection criteria of LED street lamp light source and lamp pole for different road grade

In the EMC project, the general government or the manufacturers in the business negotiations with the government will be referred to the implementation of the test section, then the test section of the choice of what? How can we implement a qualified and satisfied with the local government departments of the test section? Here we explore.

First of all, it is necessary to select the typical road sections in the distance, height, cantilever, elevation and the coherence of the light source.

1, spacing

Street spacing as small as possible, preferably not more than 40 meters spacing, the best choice in the distance of 35 meters away from the road. National standard "design standard" CJJ45-2006 city road lighting lamp spacing reference: about 3 times the cut-off luminaire pole height itself for spacing, choose straight, choose not to bend or intersection. The length of the cantilever should not exceed the installation height of 1/4, the elevation of the lamp should not exceed 15 degrees;

2, Lu Kuan

The width of the road to two-way four lanes (about 15 meters) is good, the road surface is broad.

3, lamp height

Lightpost highly preferred to 8-10 m best, second choice of not more than 12 meters (height directly affects the light angle, the influence of illuminance uniformity), with a diameter of 60mm cantilever lamp hole is preferred.

National Road standard reference:

The relationship between the type of light distribution, the arrangement mode and the installation height and spacing

Note: Weff is the effective width of pavement (m)

Need to pay attention to the above table, here is the focus. Due to the introduction of the national standard for street lights, in different test sections will have different lighting options.

For example: a road width of 18 meters, 2 meters in the middle of the green belt two-way four lane, how to judge the road in the lamp post and the light distribution on suitable as a test section?


(a) road qualitative main road

1, must be cut light type lamps

2, according to the table of the road lamp

(1) bilateral staggered lamp rod: more than 12 meters high, the distance is less than 36 meters, only in accordance with national requirements and test section.

(2) bilateral cloth lamp: rod more than 9 meters high, the distance is less than 27 meters, only in accordance with national requirements and test section.

(two) roads are classified as secondary roads

1, can use light cut or half light street lamp (such as the use of light cut street lamp with the same conditions)

2, such as the use of half light street lamps on the basis of the above table lamp

(1) bilateral staggered lamp rod: more than 14 meters high, the distance is less than 50 meters, only in accordance with national requirements and test section.

(2) bilateral cloth lamp: rod more than 11 meters high, the distance is less than 39 meters, only in accordance with national requirements and test section.

Conclusion: if you choose this road as the test section, so it is best to use a LED cut-off luminaire, light distribution mode for Type II Short or Medium best (add, a light distribution can be discussed with reference to relevant light distribution, I log in and choose the basic formula when the light distribution is: high H / rod the width of W, among them thequotient equals 1 Type I light distribution, less than 1~0.25 Type II, Type III is less than or equal to below 0.25, and the length of the light pole distance width) technology.

(three) cloth light mode

Should be used conventional lighting, street lamp poles in the layout of the bilateral symmetry for the best;

The principle of order selection of cloth light:

Five basic modes of conventional lighting fixtures

(a) unilateral arrangement; (b) bilateral staggered arrangement; (c) bilateral symmetrical arrangement; (d) center symmetric arrangement; (E) transverse cable arrangement

(four), the light source is replaced by high-pressure sodium lamp is better: the greater the power of the light source, the best single lamp power at 400W or above, followed by the choice of 250W or 150W

(five), the test road sections on both sides of the shelter and shade is good, does not hinder the normal lighting street lamps;

(six) select the main road or branch is preferred;

(seven), the selection of auxiliary light source outside the section, can reflect the effect of LED street lighting.

(eight) without any energy saving device, the voltage is relatively stable;

(nine), traffic flow, traffic flow as little as possible and good road conditions

To sum up, with the government departments to do street lamp energy saving transformation project, first of all, to use energy efficiency as the primary consideration, strict implementation of national standards. Second, we must reduce the risk of investment in energy services companies, as soon as possible to recover investment income. All lamps must be replaced on the basis of these two principles.


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