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The overseas market Jiaore domestic lighting enterprises icebreaking Patent Cooperation

April 10th, civilight and PHILPS signed a patent cooperation agreement and all kinds of LED light bulb in Shenzhen. With the gradual expansion of the scale of domestic enterprises in overseas LED lighting market, the patent risk is also growing. The Ming hand PHILPS patent technology cooperation is based on the development of overseas markets to consider.

We do any kind of lighting program, we must ensure the safety of patents, and choose to cooperate with CREE, PHILPS and other international manufacturers is the most convenient way.

Shenzhen City Ming Ming Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Ming) Pan Ruming, general manager of planning department, told reporters.

April 10th, the Ming and PHILPS signed a patent agreement on the LED light source and various types of bulbs in Shenzhen.

The Ming hand PHILPS patent technology cooperation is based on the development of overseas markets to consider.

As a matter of fact, similar lighting patent cooperation cases have occurred in the past few months.

In February this year, Kerry and PHILPS also reached a patent cooperation agreement. Special note: this site reproduced all the comments do not represent the views of this site, such as the need for related products, please contact the site, the copyright belongs to the original author.

The agreement makes use of PHILPS to the pharmaceutical industry to open all LED related LED light bulb and all kinds of patent technology.

PHILPS senior director of intellectual property GregoryBaque said that with the growth of Chinese LED companies, we are very willing to share lighting technology.

Prior to this, there are more than 175 companies related to the international brands of LED lighting AcuityBrands, Osram and ZumtobEL signed a similar cooperation agreement with PHILPS.

PHILPS's patent cooperation program includes a number of inventions related to LED light sources and bulbs.

According to the Institute of Engineering LED industry (GLII) statistics, the current PHILPS LED lighting patents have been granted to the domestic 6 lighting companies.

The U.S. government paid more attention to intellectual property rights are, and strengthen the patent protection, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Suzhou Institute of nano beam Bingwen said that once the big domestic enterprises, foreign enterprises will be subjected to patent litigation.

According to the Institute of Engineering LED industry (GLII) statistics, as of the end of 2011, the domestic LED lighting sales of billions of dollars more than 70 enterprises, of which more than 60% of the enterprises are dominated by overseas markets.

This also means that these companies will gradually grow and develop more and more patent risk.

The reporter learned that, in addition to the current patent cooperation with the international line of lighting manufacturers directly, there are more and more enterprises to adopt a strategic partnership with the international LED chip manufacturers, in order to avoid patent barriers in overseas markets.

In January this year, Shenzhen gold LM signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SHARP, SHARP in the Japanese market for gold lumens to provide technical and product support, recommended application of SHARP chips to key customers in the global market, mark and marking the Sharp chip on the products. In fact, China's LED lighting products exported to overseas markets, had to adopt the international large chip.

At present, the lack of core technology in the domestic LED industry, especially in the field of upstream chip core technology and patents are basically mastered in the hands of international chip giants.

On the one hand, the overseas market for LED lighting product quality requirements, while on the other hand, several major international LED manufacturers have adopted a patent cross, etc., for patent monopoly. With the growth of domestic LED lighting companies, faced with more and more overseas patent risk.

Nichia had publicly said that if the violation of the domestic lighting enterprises Nichia patent in Japan, once the market is bigger, they will take the means of patent litigation.

Patent cooperation and the way to buy chips, gold lumen chairman Zhu Dongliang said: in order to achieve better cooperation or licensing conditions, Chinese enterprises should first strengthen their own strength". Copyright statement: this site articles are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the station staff, we immediately removed after receiving, thank you!



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