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The main manifestation of light pollution to human body

1 light pollution damage of individual behavior with easy perceptibility. As long as the light pollution. It is from the start will be displayed, such as light reflection, the reflected light into the high-speed car, will burst causing temporary blindness or visual illusion, in an instant will cover the motor vehicle driver's vision, or make them feel dizzy dizzy, seriously endangering pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers the personal safety, but this not long before it reaches the irradiation damage. The improper lighting in the road lighting has a serious impact on the pedestrian sight 2 light pollution. Such as the reflection of the strong light, people can follow the direction of light to find the source of pollution. 3 light pollution violations have intermittent and space-time uncertainty. The reflection of the strong light is an angle of light, as long as the angle is different, the corresponding infringement will also change. 4 compared with other environmental pollution, light pollution is difficult to eliminate or mitigate by decomposition, conversion and dilution. Therefore, the prevention and control should be based on prevention. City high-rise building glass curtain wall directly reflect the sun's light form huge dazzling light pollution road lighting light pollution source: Internet pedestrian Los reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422

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