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Lighting design how to curb light pollution?

The main measures inhibition of light pollution are: 1) to avoid unnecessary and strong illumination. The International Commission on illumination has issued a number of documents relating to the lighting standards of roads and stadiums (soccer, tennis, swimming, ice sports, etc.). According to the national conditions of our country, the national standard of our country has "the standard of architectural lighting design", the industry standard is "the design standard of urban road lighting", "the design standard of urban nightscape lighting" and so on. Indoor and outdoor lighting construction should be the implementation of standards, should not go their own way, arbitrary provisions breakthrough standard. 2) using qualified lighting. Lighting equipment capable of avoiding or reducing light pollution. Lamps should not be issued to the light, the appropriate brightness, only to illuminate the area or object to be required to prevent the need to illuminate the place and the object passive light, that is, to prevent the spread of astigmatism. The stray light projected to the object should not exceed 25% of the total luminous flux of the lamp. At the same time, some places can be used with a narrow band of high efficiency light source (such as low pressure sodium lamp), the optical radiation can be used to filter out the filter does not affect the astronomical observations beyond its band range. 3) select the appropriate lighting, take the necessary lighting control. This control includes space control and time control. Such as the need to strictly limit the searchlight and narrow beam lights and other strong light and laser light into the sky, the crowd projection. Residential, apartments, hospital building not set night lighting; night lighting facilities should strictly control the interference of light on the residential, apartments, hospital wards of the maximum intensity maximum vertical illuminance of residential rooms and hospital wards such as windows and light to see directly from the indoor should be no more than as shown in the table the specified value; set the lighting should try to avoid interference to the normal growth of plants and animals. Rare trees should not set the night lighting. The glass curtain wall of building should not adopt the method of floodlight. Source: Internet reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422

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