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The lighting design and the choice of the light source of the various parts of the multifunctional Club

For the requirements of high intensity public space, tend to use more efficient light source, such as fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamp, HID lamp, HID lamp has many particular development, consulting various pin color temperature, color, energy saving, even from the high Dingxu high illuminance space efficiency is also worth considering.

As the HID lamp restart more time-consuming, when used in general lighting, in order to compensate, can be used with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc., which should pay attention to.

When the discharge lamp is used as the general illumination of space, the space of the cold light is easy to form because of the high color temperature. When the high ceiling space also requires the formation of leisure atmosphere temperature, compared with the electric discharge lamp, incandescent lamp color temperature is low because of the characteristics of light is more appropriate. But the high Dingxu space using incandescent lamp or halide lamp as general lighting, not only increase the electric capacity, but also increase the air conditioning load, in addition to bulb replacement times will increase, in this case, such as incandescent lamp and discharge lamp is used, is a more effective means.

The waiting room is larger, compared with the high requirement of illumination, the pursuit of a more depressed atmosphere row. Therefore, we should choose a variety of incandescent or fluorescent lamps, such as space can create a warm atmosphere, with good color temperature and color rendering of the light source.

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