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The effect of lighting on the design of multi function lighting

In order to obtain the whole unified light environment of the building, the space should be considered in addition to the necessary brightness. Therefore, the lighting designer should fully grasp the flow of people in the museum, pay attention to the changes in the space light environment, to provide a good impression to the museum staff.

To this end, we should try to eliminate the discomfort of illumination changes, the imbalance of illumination, to be consistent with the outdoor light; in addition, the use of different space light environment as an effective means to improve the psychological effect. In order to control the brightness of the display space of the illumination, such as emphasizing the gorgeous chandelier, the front porch should be used with low contrast lighting hall; if the top hold by using indirect lighting, uplights uniform lighting etc.. In addition, we should also consider the function of the human eye, the sensitivity of the retina, to adapt quickly to the Ming, dark adaptation will take a lot of time. Attention to the passage through the building into the hall, there will be a dramatic change in the intensity of light, resulting in uncomfortable feeling.

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