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The influence of technical factors on urban lighting planning

Generally, the progress of science and technology and the level of economic development. With the rapid development of economy, the progress and application of lighting technology provides the technical guarantee for the development of urban lighting. Especially with the advent of the LED light source and use (see Figure 1 - 11), and control technology continues to improve, the richness of the lighting performance has been continuously strengthened, further affect the entire city form because of the enormous energy-saving effect of LED light source theory, the use of LED light source provides a reasonable reason for the further implementation of landscape lighting construction, therefore in the Ministry of housing issued several documents concerning the city landscape lighting requirements, still can not be weakened the enthusiasm of city landscape lighting. Thus, in a sense, such as LED and other new light sources and the emergence of new technologies to promote the sustainable development of urban lighting. In addition, the promotion of the role of lighting companies also contributed to the combination of various types of optoelectronic devices and products with the endless light. Therefore, people can see in the city night landscape lighting works in numerous enterprises creatively modern high-tech sound and light, electricity, and color fusion, make the city landscape lighting with high color. Such as optical motion type fireworks lamp, optical and mechanical movement with changing laser lamps, solar green lamps, according to the traffic and flow adjust the brightness of the "smart" lamps and the application of nano technology reflective lamp etc.. These technologies in the rich urban night landscape performance at the same time, but also for the continued existence and development of urban landscape lighting has injected a stream of fresh blood. It should be said that the Chinese city lighting development dynamic analysis, the dynamic factors are not isolated, but interact, it is the comprehensive effect of these factors, our country city lighting to get a stable and sustainable development. Shandong Weifang city Shandong Ji'nan city landscape lighting landscape lighting World Expo Pavilion Sichuan Leshan city landscape lighting lighting to highlight the cultural characteristics of the source: Internet reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422

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