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The influence of social factors on urban lighting planning

Social stability is the premise of economic construction has, in a turbulent era, people are unable to focus on the construction of the. The stability of the political system in our country has provided a powerful guarantee for the construction of the city, but also provided the suitable social environment conditions for the construction of the urban lighting. In particular, the implementation of the two-day weekend work system, to provide people with more leisure time, which naturally produced a night outdoor activities of social needs. City public space is the activity to occur the "container", and people's daily lives, as the public interest "protection", the government must consider through the construction of city lighting, to meet the people on the living environment and city public space at night, especially the green square, where people can open public space at night the use of demand, therefore, how to provide better night to meet people's travel and leisure activities of the city lighting has become the tasks and responsibilities of the government. Along with the development of the city, people travel at night probability is greatly improved, commercial activities will meet this demand, and since the invention and application of electrical lighting, widely used in commercial activities in the region of lighting, has been to create the desired business atmosphere for the purpose of this kind is similar to the business District of "functional" demand will continue to be strengthened and development. Source: Internet reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422

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