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"The first canal incense Chinese Hangzhou new xiangjisi

With the "first canal incense" reputation of the temple built in the Northern Song Dynasty three years of peace and rejuvenating, namely in the year 978, the old name Kofukuji, followed by the given name "xiangjisi song". Hangzhou is the famous temple temple the Grande Canale Hushu area, is distributed, the Tianzhu Mountain Temple pilgrims, have a very high position in the canal and Hangzhou buddhism. In 2009, xiangjisi reconstruction project started, with a large number of low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency of the LED products. One of the biggest bright spot is in the central square of the 3000 LED ground lamp composed of a giant painting, the moment changes show different patterns and colors, light into the sky in different directions and slowly changing.

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