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How to ensure the environmental lighting in the space?

Luxury brand stores occupy the bottom of the commercial space. Two air corridors and several staircases will be cut into the atrium of the 5 storey, but also connected to the various layers of space. The adjustable lamp on the ceiling ensures the environmental lighting in the space, and also has a passage for the later maintenance, and the lighting of the air corridor adopts the adjustable adjustable down lighting lamp. The light sources used in all of these lamps are the same, but they can be obtained by adjusting the beam angle. In the atrium is also equipped with 29 2m diameter LED light balloon. They dance with the music, performing two times a day, each time for 5 minutes. When the music sounded, the ambient light in the atrium darkened, and the balloons fell slowly, expanding and contracting with rhythm. Various elements of nature, such as snowflakes, breezes and rainbows, have been added to the show, adding to the excitement of the balloon.


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