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The United Reformed Church lumen lighting equipment analysis

The church for their buildings full of hopes, they hope to provide a multi religious places of worship for the residents in the community, but also hope to provide space for various classes and activities in the community, but also want to open a new cafe in front of the church. Although there are so many plans, but the budget is very limited, so the design team must meet the challenge, with the least money to achieve the design. The whole project cost 1 million 800 thousand pounds (about $2 million 700 thousand), which is 202 /m2 ($300 per square foot), for the transformation of the existing auditorium, built a new cafe, community hall, disabled entrance, and the garden room. The project cost 250 thousand pounds (about $375 thousand), or 28 pounds / m2 ($42 / square foot), the cost of electricity facilities. Nearly 35 thousand pounds were used for lighting, and the custom lighting in the auditorium cost nearly $10 thousand. Design costs are also included, the lighting designer's work includes the concept of lighting design for each region, as well as the auditorium for detailed design and construction drawings, a total of 2845 pounds.

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