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Chinese style church in the south of the Yangtze River: Hangzhou City Christian Tianshui

Hangzhou Tianshui Christian Church is a Jiangnan style church, will founded by the Presbyterian Church, is one of the earliest Christ Church in Hangzhou. Jesus is located in the lower City Hall Lane 2, from the east of Zhongshan North Road Tong Tong, Yanan, West to the north section of the road, full length 342m. Tianshui hall covers an area of 1106m2, construction area of 769 m2. It has been 140 years since it was founded, and it is also the place where Leighton Stuart lived and worked. It has profound cultural background and unique historical value. Hangzhou Tianshui hall restoration project is an important part of the organic renewal project of Zhongshan Road historic district in Hangzhou. Hangzhou Tianshui hall repair to restore the original appearance, organic update, the rescue measures to solve the problem of the faithful believers living a religious life, heritage of the historical context.

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