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Tashk International Conference Center lighting design

The inner surface of the Great Hall of palladium plating became the focal point of the vestibule area, which was unevenly illuminated by the ceiling wall wash. Through the effect of embedded lighting, the visual focus can be transferred from the floor area to the large volume space. The hall is directly connected to the ceiling. The ground uses LED lamp belt to illuminate. 12 rings hanging in the hall above the stairs leading to the 24m height, the use of warm white LED light source, although the size of the large, but the visual as floating in the air in general light VIP.

The lighting design in the auditorium has a different flavor. The entire space high 43M, has 1850 seats. Two kinds of lighting modes are adopted in the halo, namely, the three primary color LED lighting system controlled by the DMX control system, and the ambient light formed by the indirect reflection of the fluorescent lamp. LED device is very important for the illumination of the rear wall. When the wall is illuminated, the auditorium has a very good ambient light. The design looks very complicated, but it is not. 10m high wall only decorative elements of the background is the pattern of the surface lines, different thickness of the stripes to produce different light effects. The wall is illuminated from the front side by means of a LED device embedded in the dome, and the side is illuminated by a fluorescent lamp. LED can be converted to light color by dimming. By increasing the appropriate color light, you can eliminate the monotony of pure white.

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