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International Conference Center

The entire building is white from inside to outside, through the entrance to the sides of the facade. On one side of the main hall, the main task of indoor lighting is to make this part of the space in the night to achieve a good effect of the inner light. The main hall in the custom crystal lamp diameter 21m, high 5m, weight of about 15000kg. The elevation of the 18m window is highlighted by a narrow beam of light, which turns into a huge "lantern" at night, with spotlights mounted between the huge windows, illuminating the white marble floor.

In the middle of the hall, the upper and lower sides of the hall were suspended with a high 8m, 3.4m diameter crystal chandelier. In the lower hall, the ceiling was installed with a circular lighting element. About 18000 SWAROVSKI crystals are composed of spherical crystal lamp suspended in the air, and equipped with a different light beam angle of the light source. The recessed part of the ceiling of the hall hides the adjustable light source, and the night gives a soft glow, and from the outside, it looks like a glowing lantern.

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