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Stern School of business, New York University

New York University York School of business (New University Stern School of) is one of the most famous colleges in New York University, in the economic, commercial, and management, and other fields have a very prominent academic achievements in Stern, Business. The school hopes to reform the teaching space, so that the hall of the building presents a modern style, and the Institute of graduate students and university buildings as a whole. The design focuses on connectivity, transparency and lighting design. With the help of a series of innovative design and careful construction, the space is divided and the development and utilization of the uncomfortable underground space which is not used in 1970s (even in the past) has been developed.

After the transformation, the transformation of the existing hall for the most advanced education center, by the bright lights of the corridor even building, and added a student lounge and meeting place, to strengthen the communication between teachers and students, to build a full of vigour and positive academic groups.

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