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New York University lighting design

The design consists of a 3 - story atrium with a striking central glass staircase that brings light and energy to the underground space. Through skylight,

Natural light can illuminate the depths of space. Fire resistant glass is widely used,

You can see the classroom from the outside through the glass. Complex building services are being reorganized and sold to increase the height of the roof.

The stairs which are connected with each other to create a sense of relevance, the reconstruction of the classroom can be based on the needs of the curriculum to change the room facilities. Finally, the Stern School of business, New York University, and the logo logo logo, and elegant donor logo integration.

The project successfully transformed the worst of the New York University into the most attractive and memorable place. The college has therefore come from a student to a place where students are willing to meet and stay. Through the transformation, the Stern business school to New York and the global trade circle image is also new. The project was open to students in September 2009.

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