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Several common processing method of city-lighting design

Designs city-lighting is through the behavior of people in the city landscape space, the analysis of the mental state, combined with landscape features and the surrounding environment, the landscape of the unique form and connotation of the space with light at night, in the form of show visual effect of beauty in the night.Use light to create a beautiful, festive lighting design. 
Designs city-lighting design includes designs city-lighting building lighting design, designs city-lighting structures lighting design, lighting design, designs city-lighting road lighting designs city-lighting square design, designs city-lighting commercial street landscape lighting design, and designs city-lighting landscape lighting design, etc.Designs city-lighting shape design science and art of combining the modern artificial lighting environment and landscape lighting, create natural, harmonious, beautiful designs city-lighting.

Designs city-lighting several common processing method is designed and changes in temperature, inversion method, dot, line, face, to the edge, the internal and external communication method and the waterfall method and so on.Changes in temperature and white from the form to borrow space color principle, the light has the branch of changes in temperature, if the cold light of large area surrounded by a small proportion, hue is warm light, or on the contrary, are likely to produce a good result.Inversion method of the light source on the ground, from bottom up, make some object form unreal effect, can make the space becomes more mysterious, more dramatic.Point, line, face method from the form, the modelling of light can be divided into three categories, point, line and light light.Reasonable, moderate point line is tie-in, below is the necessary condition to create beauty.Edge method is mainly introduced through lighting line and block the light, often can make become the outline of natural soft after decoration.Inner space and outer space lighting design as a whole, and, in the outside.Shine waterfall is arranged populated concentrating, make the light beam cross cable both surface and light wall, so that the original metope become vivid and interesting.

Urban lighting design is not only a simple lighting, but combined with the engineering technology, culture and art through the principle of light to reflect the characteristics of the building, to show the structure of the artistic effect, has played a huge role in beautify the city night view.

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