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Four pitfalls of purchasing led lights

As a huge green technology since the energy-saving lamps and lighting revolution, LED lamps and lanterns with its low carbon environmental protection, energy saving, long life and other advantages to win the consumer favour.With the approach of the spring end, consumers begin to lighting lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, eyeball pen to perfect for decoration of period, and the LED lamps and lanterns of natural choice.

Many LED lighting products on the market today test result is unqualified, consumers are often misled by the title that LED, when buying only blindly seek high brightness, modelling, ignoring the product of lamps and lanterns is the most important two things: quality and price.So, what need to pay attention to the error when the choose and buy?

Think Archled lighting, consumers choose LED lighting error are the following:

Myth, actual life and nominal data

General LED nominal life can reach 100000 hours MTBF (mean time between failures).But, LED the luminous flux of lumen tend to be affected by many factors.So, consumer is when the choose and buy LED lights to focus on is not only a nominal life, and should be the speed droop.

Myth 2: blindly choose low or high prices.

Price reflects the combination of cost, quality and brand value.Very low prices, LED products will guarantee the security, but super high LED there may be artificially high component.

Myth 3: devotion to bells and whistles.

The features of the product, the more natural cost is high, but a lot of functions just merchants publicity behavior, basic can't use in actual application.

Myth 4: devotion to high brightness.

Different places have different standard of illumination, and blindly pursue high brightness, is not only waste, also may cause harm to people.So, first to confirm the lighting requirements to choose light to conform to his needs.
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